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  • This is a turn-based strategy game of WW II naval combat in the South Pacific and elsewhere
  • On the web since 1997 (over 25 years!), you need only a browser to play it
  • Refight historical, what-if, or fantasy scenarios or create your own (currently 154 to choose from, created by a number of players)
  • Play short games or long campaigns
  • Enjoy taking on real players and participate in tournaments
  • To play, you must sign up with a valid e-mail address in order to protect your games and receive turn notifications
  • The basic game is free for up to 10 matches (3 simultaneously), with no limits for supporting players
  • Some features are available only in the enhanced version, immediately accessible upon donating to support the game
  • If you enjoy board games such as Flat Top, Midway, Victory in the Pacific, or Incredible Victory, then this game is for you

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Last Updated December 22, 2021

Initial games
When you sign up to play, a new game will be created for you. Your opponent will be the person who most recently signed up before you. The next person to sign up will then have you as an opponent in a second new game. A simple introductory scenario is used for those two games and your side will be chosen randomly in each one. Please have the courtesy to take at least a few turns in each game.
Tracking and metrics
The game system tracks certain identifiable outcomes, such as the number of games played, their results, and relative rankings. This is associated with your in-game nickname and not your e-mail address.
Privacy and e-mail
We deplore spam. Your e-mail address will never deliberately be made known to any other person or organization. E-mail is used to send turn notifications. Use the game's settings to control how often you receive messages, such as turn reminders.
Technical requirements
JavaScript must be active in your web browser; the game will not work without it. A few cookies are used to store your log-in ID and game ID for your convenience. Google Analytics is also used on this site. This game is tested and supported for modern web browsers.
In-game messages
Messages may be sent between players during a game. These are not monitored, but are available to the system administrator and should not be considered private. They are deleted when a game is removed from the system, shortly after it is ended.

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More about Fighting Flattops

Click images to enlarge them in a new window Map Task Forces Air Groups Carrier Operations Land Bases Submarines Sighting Report Target Assignments

Fighting Flattops is a turn-based game covering World War II aircraft carrier combat operations in the South Pacific. Players may or may not be online at the same time when they play each other. If you enjoy board games such as Flat Top, Midway, Carrier War, Pacific War, Incredible Victory, etc., then this game's premise and operation will be familiar.

Players progress through a series of phases in each game hour-turn in order to ready aircraft for launch and then send them out. Planes and ships then search for enemy units and take actions when they make contact. In some cases, engagements occur and both sides designate targets for their units. After combat results are applied, players move on to the next turn. Rinse and repeat until the scenario ends or one player ends the game.

Typically a game involves launching reconnaisance aircraft from land bases and carriers in an effor to find enemy forces. Once they are located, strike forces of dive bombers, torpedo bombers, and fighters are sent to sink enemy ships. Surface combat can occur between naval units and submarines may strike from beneath the waves. Land bases may be shelled and captured.

The basic game is free, however for a small annual donation players may upgrade to the enhanced version which offers the following benefits:

  • Certain features such as setting waypoints for surface units, automatic CAP, and tracking of engagements
  • Designing and publishing scenarios
  • Participation in tournaments
  • Unlimited number games (both total and simultaneous)
  • Eligible to appear on leaderboard
  • Rating opponents and viewing potential opponents' ratings
  • Helping guide game development by voting for potential new features or other changes
  • Diversions, such as an enemy plane type quiz to play while waiting for opponents

Initially launched with the domain name on Sept. 9, 1997, this game predates The domain was registered a few years later. The first version of the game's splash page can be viewed in the Wayback Machine.

Constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome at

Thanks for your consideration!